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Maintenance & Renovations

Maintenance and renovation services are charged at an hourly rate. Together we will determine a maintenance schedule that suites your budget and your garden's requirements. Billing will include a breakdown of employee hours worked.

Garden Design & Installation

Clients who wish to have a garden designed and installed are charged a design fee based on the size of the area being designed and the number of plants and materials needed to complete the design. The initial design consultation is free of charge.

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Deer & Gardens LLC

Pamela Carter, Owner
Advanced Master Gardener

"When I started with Deer & Gardens I knew nothing about gardening. As the years have gone by Pam of Deer & Gardens and I have evolved in a garden-producing duo and my garden has become more and more beautiful. Plants have been chosen based on their deer-resistance and my ability to maintain them. The deer still bed down in my yard but they leave my flowers alone!" ...Susan
"My favorite thing about Deer & Gardens is they maintain my flower beds.I work long hours. It is such a stress reliever and time saver for me to have Deer & Gardens do my spring cleaning, mid-summer weed control and end-of-year fall maintenance. Pam and her crew are experts at what is a weed versus a sprouting flower. They know how to prune crab trees so they look beautiful in the spring. I have recommended Deer & Gardens to my neighbors, co-workers and friends." ...Gail
"How can I thank Pam and her Deer & Gardens crew enough for helping me get my gardens back. Since my husband passed away, it has been difficult for me to keep up--and the yard showed that. My yard is in its glory again due to the gardening knowledge, hard work and loving care that the Deer & Gardens crew provided to me."...Kay


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